Leaders hit out at ‘feudalist’ trend

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, July 18:

Nepali Congress (NC) President Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal today berated the ‘feudal’ elements and both defined “total democracy as a system bereft of feudal tinges.” While Koirala expressed the view that the nation was currently

under the onslaught of a fight between feudal elements and the rest, Nepal lamented the long-running trend whereby the political parties lived with repeated conspiracy hatched by those associated with monarchy. “February 1 saw feudal elements coming to power by throwing us out. We are now living through a clash between the two,” Koirala said while speaking at a book-launching function here today. He also said that the Thursday’s expansion of the cabinet has completed the circle.

He also claimed that the latest trend was in for an early end “since what we know is feudal lords tend to make use of vestiges of feudal past when it comes to defend the system.” “Our undoing is we compromised on our ideology in dealing with monarchy time and again. That goes back to 1950,” Nepal said, accusing the institution of monarchy of breaking the consensus time and again. “We never sought total democracy and that is the problem.” He also lamented the missing democratisation in political parties. Leftist intellectual Nilambar Acharya and NC General Secretary Sushil Koirala were of the view that the institution of monarchy has been a divisive force rather than the unifying force as is being claimed.