Leftist alliance will not affect Nepali Congress: Leader Koirala

NAWALPARASI: Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashank Koirala has said the recent alliance among leftist parties will not affect Nepali Congress in upcoming polls.

Koirala further said it was natural phenomenon among the leftist parties to forge electoral alliance, as they shared same ideology, for upcoming provincial and parliamentary elections.

NC leader Koirala said it was high time that the party strengthen its internal structure and ideological unity to forge electoral alliance with the democratic forces for upcoming polls.

Koirala speaking at a press meet at Kawasoti on Wednesday said the cabinet meeting would change Triveni Susta East Nawalparasi to Nawalpur district and declare Kawasoti as its district headquarters.

Leader Koirala asserted that he would contest upcoming elections from Nawalpur district.

He further said, the upcoming elections are essential for successful implementation of federalism in the nation.

Koirala also directed the party cadres to work for the polls with a clear plan to make a prosperous Nepal as per the people's aspirations.

The provincial and parliamentary elections are scheduled on November 26 and December 7 respectively.

As per the constitutional requirement, all levels of elections should be held by January 21 for the implementation of the Constitution and federalism in the country.