Biratnagar, May 11 With the government’s decision to hold local elections in the second phase in select provinces, election activities have slackened in Biratnagar for quite some time now. The city figures in Province 1, where, along with three other provinces, namely, Province 2, 5 and 7, elections are due on June 14. With the elections put-off, political parties are utilising their time for internal preparations. “Earlier, we were complaining about the very little time at hand to prepare for polls, but ever since the government decided to hold election in the second phase in some provinces, it’s been really easy for us to do internal homework,” said Nepali Congress Morang President Dik Bahadur Limbu. CPN-MC Morang Coordinator Gopi Achhami said his party was utilising the time to consolidate the party’s base. “We’ve formed a month-long action plan and preparing for polls accordingly. In fact, the deferral of polls was good news for us as it enabled us to prepare ourselves fully,” he said. The CPN-UML is also now busy doing internal homework and holding discussions. Similar is the case with other parties, who are now more focused on internal things rather than the polls. Similarly, with the postponement of elections, election offices have also pulled down their shutters and returned to the centre.