Local levels mulling over establishment of PCR laboratory in Rautahat

RAUTAHAT: The local levels in Rautahat district, following detection of coronavirus infection at the community level, have decided to establish a PCR laboratory in the district along with isolation wards.

Acting on surging pressure from the local levels, a meeting of the district management committee held in presence of chiefs of all 18 local levels in the district, has decided that each local level will have to allocate a budget of NRs 500,000 for establishing the proposed PCR laboratory and isolation wards.

Moreover, financial contributions are also expected from provincial assembly members elected from the district for implementation of the decision.

It has been learnt that a budget of NRs 11 million will be collected for the project.

While the whole nation grapples with the pandemic, Rautahat in particular has been hard-hit by the highly contagious disease. In a bid to control which, a prohibitory order has been issued in the district.

Meanwhile, this decision has brought some relief to the locals, which is expected to pace COVID-19 testing in the region.