Locals benefit after management of weekly market

BHOJPUR: Locals, as well as vendors, have benefitted after proper space was managed for the weekly market in Bhojpur Municipality in the district.

Earlier, in lack of proper space, the market was set up at roadsides, which inconvenienced the vendors and customers, both.

This issue was addressed after a specific space was allocated for the market near Saptadhara. Moreover, separate sections have been established for different items including vegetables, meat, other retail items, among others.

The market, which used to be set-up on Saturdays only, is also being operated on Wednesdays. This has further eased the process of buying and selling.

“After the market has been set up by the municipality at a safer and spacious location, the risk in conducting business has reduced greatly,” says Nagendra Rai, one of the vendors in the market.