Nepal | October 22, 2019

Locals vote to name Prov 4 “Gandaki Province”

Bharat Koirala

POKHARA: A parliamentary assembly of Province 4 is likely to name the province as ‘Gandaki Province’ with Pokhara as its capital, following the suggestions forwarded by stakeholders to a committee formed to propose names and capitals.

The committee complied demands, suggestions and opinions of locals residing in various districts of the province and tabled a report before the provincial parliament on Monday.

According to the report, 93 per cent of locals called for naming Pokhara as provincial capital while 3 per cent voted for Gorkha.

“The suggestions from 11 districts and party representatives favour Pokhara as the capital,” Senior Member of the committee, Bindu Kumar Thapa said.

Likewise, 45 per cent of the locals who participated in district level discussions have suggested Gandaki as the name of the province. On the Other hand, 34 per cent have voted for Tamuwan-Magarat while 72 of the participants forwarded written suggestions to name the province as Gorkha.

An upcoming assembly meeting will hold a voting session and the names and proposed capitals which gain most votes would be the legal name and capital of the province.

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