Lockdown affects regular dialysis of kidney patients

DAMAULI:  Due to the unavailability of transport owing to the nationwide lockdown, many patients suffering from kidney related ailments in Damauli are struggling to reach hospitals  for their regular dialysis.

Apart from those that have obtained essential travel permit from district administration office, many have not been able to move around to make ends meet. To add to that, some, due to financial constraints, are  to even struggling to reserve an ambulance.

Meanwhile, patients seeking dailysis at Manju Dialysis Unit at the National Kidney Treatment Center in Damauli Hospital have requested the authorities to make convenient arrangements for patients' transportation to the dialysis centre.

"I can't afford to reserve an ambulance or take a taxi to the hospital. The dialysis center is around 24 kilometers from my home, so walking is out of question too", says Anisha Subedi of Belchautari, who has been undergoing dailysis for about three years now. "The authorities should facilitate travels to people like Anisha", added Sarita Subedi, Anisha's sister who accompanied her to the hospital after police personnel requested an ambulance to help Subedi reach hospital.

Dev Bahadur Gurung of Byas Municipality and Ram Maya of Myagde Rural Municipality shared similar  woes. Their dialyses have been pending following the transportation halt.

Shailendra Pandit, Cheif of Manju Dialysis Unit also acknowledged how patients are suffering amid the lockdown. "There is one patient who needs dailysis once a week, 62 patients need dailysis twice a week, and six patients who come for dailysis every week," added Pandit.

Dailysis unit in Damauli  has six machines for dialysis and can provide services to as many as 24 patients on a daily basis, informed unit personnel.

(Translated by Madhavi Marasini)