Non-Resident Nepalis Association Adviser Kul Acharya has said lodging a complaint to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the irregularities in the selection of representatives for the upcoming NRNA election should not be taken as political interference.

Acharya, who is vying for the post of president in the election to be held during the imminent NRNA 10th general convention, said, "Some of the members had reached the ministry seeking justice after the complaints against the wrongful activities in the selection of the representatives for the NRNA upcoming general convention were not heard by the ICC. This is not done by them for fun, it is their compulsion."

Recalling that the NRNA is an organisation registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Acharya told RSS that works should be carried out in coordination with the ministry also for meeting the NRNA objectives and that the members had to seek the ministry's help to stop the misuse of the organisation.

"Nobody should misuse the organisation for fulfilling personal interest," he said and accused the ICC office-bearers of violating the organisation's statute by making a separate regulation after the stipulated time for same. Acharya also alleged the ICC officials of misinterpreting the statute prepared through consensus.

According to him, the dispute regarding the selection of the representatives to the general convention arose after the NCC was neglected and the representatives of certain countries chosen by holding legal convention were not recognised.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 18 2021, of The Himalayan Times.