The Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Thailand provided food to over 280 people, including 250 adults and 30 children, in the Khet Dusit areas of Bangkok, on Saturday.

The organisation provided the support with approval and coordination with local authorities and as a part of free food campaign – '1000 Meals a month' for August 2021.

The activity was powered by the donors, including Bonnie Chan and Betty Leung from Hong Kong with 7,966.46 Baht, Julie, Hong Kong with 6,000 Baht, Daisy Ho, Hong Kong with 6,500 Baht, Manju Baniya, Bangkok with 4,001 Baht and the NRNA Thailand EC Members with 23,500 Baht.

The newly elected NRNA team of Thailand has been focusing on regular social activities as this.