Longest ever toilet queue!

KATHMANDU; National Water Week Committee formed to celebrate the World Water Week 2010 is going to organise a longest toilet queue on March 22. As plans are participants will queue up in front of a mobile toilet at Tundikhel in a symbolic gesture.

March 22 is celebrated as the World Water Day. Water and Energy Secretariat (WECS) under the ministry of Energy is the coordinating agency for the celebration. “We are organising it to spread message to all about the rising sanitation problems and scarcity of clean water,” said Dr Ravi Sharma Aryal, Joint Secretary, WECS and spokesperson of the water week organising committee. “The problem of Sanitation is increasing and the demand for water is rising so our movement demands the government to set up good sanitation and clean water for every citizen,” said Sagun Bajracharya, an officer at GUTHI, an NGO.

The slogan for this year’s World Water Day is ‘Clean Water for the Healthy World.”