Longstanding border dispute resolved

Ramechhap, December 8

The border dispute between Ramechhap and Solukhumbu districts has come to an end.

The dispute had ensued ever since locals of Solukhumbu claimed the ownership of 100 hectare land of Dudule area at Gumdel of Umakunda Rural Municipality-1, Ramechhap, about 45 years ago.

Four years after the dispute began, the Cabinet had decided that the land belonged to Ramechhap. But, the residents of then Bhakanje Village Development Committee in Solukhumbu had been using the land for grazing cattle and farming. As many as 14 families live in the disputed land.

Umakunda Rural Municipality Deputy Chief Urmila Karki said old documents showed the disputed land fell in Ramechhap district. According to Umakunda Rural Municipality Ward No 1 Secretary Ganesh Thapa, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration had issued the notice saying the dispute was resolved.

Due to the dispute, 50 locals of the disputed land were deprived of land ownership certificates. With the land dispute settled, residents of disputed Dudule will be provided land ownership certificates within a few months.