Losers spent more than winners in elections

Biratnagar, January 29

The expenditure report submitted by candidates of the House Representatives to the Regional Election Office Biratnagar shows that losers spent more than winners in the December 7 parliamentary polls in Morang.

Former minister for feneral administration Lal Babu Pandit was elected from Morang Constituency No 6 defeating NC’s Shekhar Koirala. Koirala submitted the report that he spent Rs 22,860,00 at the Regional Election Office Biratnagar while Pandit’s expense stood at Rs 1,316,178.

NC candidate Amrit Aryal from Constituency No 5 had spent Rs 2,136,803 while CPN-Maoist Cente’s Shiv Kumar Mandal who won the polls spent Rs 1,651,000.

NC candidate Dig Bahadur Limbu from Constituency No 1 was trounced by UML’s Ghanshyam Khatiwada. Limbu spent Rs 1,278,000 while his rival Khatiwada had spent Rs 1,041,100 as per the expenditure submitted to the Regional Election office.

Similarly, NC’s candidate Mahesh Acharya spent more than UCPN-Maoist candidate Amanlal Modi . Modi had spent Rs 1,670,000 while Acharya had spent Rs 1,958,250. Acharya was defeated by Modi in Constituency No 4.

UML leader Bhanubhakta Dhakal from Constituency No 3 won the polls defeating NC’s Sunil Sharma. While Sharma spent Rs 1,923,000 Dhakal spent Rs 1,737,811 as per the details submitted to the election office Biratnagar.


  • EC urges parties to submit election expense details by Feb 12