Low demand for blood in Udayapur

Gaighat, January 30

The demand for blood is disproportionate with the blood collected by the blood bank in Udayapur.

It is said the demand for blood is very low due to lack of surgery service in government and private health facilities in the district.

On average, 60 to 100 pints of blood is collected in the district on a daily basis. But the demand is only 10 to 12 pints.

Nepal Red-cross Society Udayapur Branch Officer Khila Raj Guragain said that the demand for blood was low due to lack of surgery service in the health facilities. He said that the demand for blood was high in the district when District Hospital,Udayapur, used to provide parturition service.

The district hospital stopped providing parturition service and gynaecologists were transferred to other hospitals. The hospital now does not even conduct minor surgeries. The hospital refers patients to other health facilities.

Meanwhile, Blood Bank, Udayapur, said as the demand dropped in the district, the remaining blood was sent to Dharan, Lahan and Biratnagar-based blood banks.