LPG trader arrested

Pokhara, November 25

Police arrested a trader of LPG cylinders for black-marketing the petroleum product in Pokhara.

Acting on reports that the store owner had failed to distribute all LPG cylinders, a market monitoring team of the district administration committee held the proprietor of Anup Store in Purano Dhara.

The team found five half-filled LPG cylinders from the store. The name of the trader, however, is yet to be made public.

Earlier, a meeting of the district supply committee had allowed the store-owner to sell 352 cylinders of cooking gas to consumers.

“But as the trader didn’t sell all the cylinders, we had to raid his store,” said administrative officer Ramji Koirala, who had led the monitoring team.

Koirala also said that a case of black-marketing would be pressed against the store operator.

A recently held meeting of the committee had decided to distribute around 8,000 LPG cylinders of Shakti and Grihalaxmi brands through 20 gas traders in the Lake City on Sunday.