Madhesis seek unity to fight for rights

Kathmandu, September 10 :

Intellectuals from the Madheshi community today called for unity among themselves to fight for their rights.

“We need to mobilize collective strength of Madhesi people to stand together against discrimination, deprivation, ignorance, domination and exploitation in order to live with self-respect in the society,” said Dr Shree Govinda Shah, chairperson of the ad hoc committee of Federation of Madheshi Community of Nepal.

While addressing the concluding session of workshop on “Developing Strategies and Action Plans” Dr Shah said the entire Madhesi population, currently about 8.5 million, does not practically exist in Nepal’s political and human rights spectrum due to the state’s biased and discriminatory policies.

He said Madheshi people are not integrated socially, politically and economically into unified Nepal and they largely face exclusion in governance, decision-making, policy planning resource sharing and plan implementation even in their place.

He further said that the federation has a vision of solidarity, empowerment and harmony among Madheshi community for their holistic socio-political, economic and cultural development and its goal is social, political, and economic autonomy at Madhesh. “Madhesi people face serious humanitarian issue — their identity as Nepali had been practically ignored by the state. Large number of Madheshi people have no citizenship certificate and those who have, are treated discriminately as second class citizen in their own places,” he added.