Lamjung, March 14

Production of electricity has decreased by 50 per cent at Madhya Marsyangdi Hydroelectricity Project in Lamjung.

The Madhya Marsyangdi Hydroelectricity Project, which has the capacity to produce 70 megawatt, has only generated 50 per cent power after water flow in the Marsyagndi River decreased.

Chief at the hydropower centre Pashupati Raj Gautam said 70 megawatt electricity was produced when the two turbines were functioning during the rainy season. He said only 31 megawatt power was generated from the centre. He said the two turbines were switched on turn-wise on a daily basis.

Gautam said water passing through the tunnel was used to produce electricity. He said power production might have decreased in the dry season compared to past years. “Last year, 27 megawatt electricity was produced, but production decreased after the river water decreased in the dry season earlier this year,” he added.