Nepalgunj, January 10

Tharu communities in Banke, Bardiya and Kanchanpur districts have started preparation for their biggest festival — Maghi.

Maghi festival falls on Magh 1 and it also marks the new fiscal year for the Tharu community.

Tharu girls and women have begun smearing their homes with mud and are busy preparing local hooch and local delicacies for the festival. With the festival just round the corner, male members are busy fishing for the festival while females are working to make plates out of tree leaves to be used at the festival.

Hari Prasad Tharu of Baijanath Rural Municipality-1, Banke, said since Maghi was their major festival, they were preparing to celebrate it with a lot of fanfare. Tharus started preparing delicacies a month ago.

Tharu people celebrate Maghi for three days, starting from the last day of Poush to Magh 2.

During the festival, the Tharu people eat delicious food, dance and enjoy. “On this day, Tharu people forget animosity with each other, meet with relatives, friends and celebrate,” said Raj Kumar Chaudhary of Chisapani.

Chandra Bahadur Chaudhary of Banke’s Titihiriya said they would mark the festival with a lot of fanfare as it was their biggest and major festival. “Preparations are under way to welcome and serve relatives visiting our homes,” said Chaudhary.

Migrant workers have started returning home to celebrate the festival. Preparation for Maghi are in full swing in all the Tharu communities, said Hari Prasad Tharu of Bardiya. “Maghi fever will help build friendship with each other,” he added.