Mahara wants indefinite tango with parties

Pokhara, November 10:

Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara today said the pact between the Seven-Party Alliance and the Maoists should continue until the end of feudalism in the country.

Addressing a victory meet organised here by the CPN (Maoist), Kaski, after the historic agreement between the SPA and Maoists, Mahara said the eight party alliance should continue for the next 10 years at least.

Saying that the Maoists are ready to maintain the alliance for 10 years, Mahara urged other political parties not to play competitive politics during these 10 years.

Pointing out that feudalism, which is rooted in country in the form of monarchy from the past 237 years, would not end through simple decisions, Mahara urged everyone to be alert against feudalism returning in the guise of a republic or loktantra.

The relationship of the king with the army or foreign imperialist forces cannot be ended through half-hearted action, said Mahara, adding that would it take at least eight years to terminate such ties.

“It is necessary to run a government of consensus for 10-12 years,” said Mahara, adding, “There should not be any politics of competition until feudalism is destroyed.”

The success of summit talks is the beginning of the formation of a republican Nepal and the end of monarchy, said Mahara, adding that the agreement truly demonstrated the unity of the political parties.

“If the points of agreement are not implemented honestly, it will invite catastrophe in the country,” said Mahara. He added that the Maoists are alert to the possible conspiracy of forcing them to function within the parameters of the old structure of the nation.

Mahara also urged party cadres not to fear any threats on them once they have given up their weapons.

Maoist central member and commissar of the fourth division of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Lokendra Bist (Avyas) and the division commander Rasmi said 35,000 soldiers of the PLA would stay in designated camps as per the agreement.