Makwanpur DPHO hands over health facilities to local levels

HETAUDA: Makwanpur District Public Health Office has handed over four Primary Health Centres and 41 Health Posts of the district to the local levels.

DPHO, organising the formal programmes on different dates, handed all the health facilities except Hetauda Hospital, to the local municipalities and rural municipalities.

The health centres and health posts of the rural municipalities of the district including Manahari, Bakaiya, Raksirang, Kailash, Bagmati, Bhimphedi, along with Thaha Municipality and Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan have been handed over to the local levels.

Makwanpur DPHO Chief Ram Chandra Pathak informed that the health facilities are handed over as per an envision of the government to run all the government services by the local levels.

“Now onward, all the health facilities being operated under the DPHO will be run under local levels,” said Pathak. He also informed that the local health units in the district have the equipment worth Rs 100 million, which too will be operated under local levels.

Although all the government services are supposed to be handed to the local levels, DPHO is the only unit in the district to do so till date.