Man arrested for shooting and sharing obscene videos

KATHMANDU: Nepal Police have arrested a 21-year-old man for shooting and sharing obscene videos which went viral on social network in January last year.

Rabin Ruchal was apprehended in Chitwan on Monday by the Metropolitan Crime Division in coordination with Chitwan District Police Office.

Police were on the lookout for Ruchal on receiving complaints that he had made and then uploaded such indecent content on the web.

He had shot footages of himself masturbating in public transport with women, oblivious to his abominable actions, around. The culprit released his semen on women passengers' hairs, it was seen on the videos. Those footages even made way to several porn sites.

There was a huge uproar on social media demanding the arrest of the person, whose identity was then unknown, after the videos went viral.

Ruchal fled to New Delhi, India on getting a hint that the police were looking for him. He stayed there for a few months and then returned home, where he was hiding until his arrest.

According to the police, they are carrying further investigations into the case.