Mandan Municipality issues acts, regulations

Kavre, February 7

In the 10 months after being declared a municipality, Mandan Deupur Municipality in Kavre has formulated 10 acts and 13 regulations.

Organising a press meet in Banepa yesterday, the municipality said it had endorsed the acts and regulations through the second municipal meeting on February 2. The acts and regulations are said to be the first by any local level after federal system of governance was adopted following promulgation of the new constitution.

Mayor Tok Bahadur Waiba said the municipality had issued acts, regulations and work procedures related to cooperatives, agriculture entrepreneurship promotion, local service, mines and minerals management. He also said it had issued regulations relating to  education, infrastructure management, judiciary committee, as well as market monitoring, FM radio, registration and renewal of business, waste management, disaster management. The municipality also decided to settle the prolonged problem of cultivable land erosion by the Indrawati River along the border between Kavre and Sindhupalchowk districts. “Those households breaching the building code within the municipality will be deprived of the state facility,” said Mayor Waiba.

Nepal’s new constitution has delegated all the authority related to executive, judiciary and legislature to the local levels.