Maoist demands are irrelevant, says Khanal

Rupandehi, August 7:

Standing committee member of the CPN-UML Jhalanath Khanal today said the Maoist demands for a proportional system in the constituent assembly polls and a republican set-up are irrelevant.

He said the Maoist proposal to launch a people’s revolt if the polls were not held on November 22 is an “extreme leftist dream.“

Addressing a press conference organised by the Press Chautari Nepal here, Khanal said, “Proportional election system is the best method and an agreement could have been reached on it had the Maoists remained firm when they made a national consensus for the elections. However, the issue has become irrelevant in the present context.“

A conclusion drawn by a particular party cannot be taken as a national conclusion at a time when the eight political parties have already agreed on the issue of deciding the fate of monarchy through the first meeting of the constituent assembly, he said.

On the Maoists’ proposal of a people’s revolt, he said, “There can be several dreams and any decision can be taken, but the eight parties have already decided on the path to be taken in several agreements they have signed.“

He further said that the unity of the eight parties is not developing in a desired manner.

An all-powerful team comprising senior leaders of the eight parties should be formed to hold talks with the Madhesi and Janajati groups, he said.

Khanal, who is also a member of the government team formed to hold talks with agitating groups, said, “The talks team should be reshuffled and senior leaders of the eight parties should be included in it.“