Maoist leaders rule out rise of autocratic Communist regime

Kathmandu, May 13:

Maoist leaders today said people should not fear the rise of a Communist dictatorship in the coming days and pledged to deal with those extorting money from the public in the name of Maoists.

However, they said the Maoists should be allowed to accept donations from people since the party relies on public funds.

“There is no need to fear that an autocratic communist regime will take over in this day and age of the twenty-first century,” said Maoist leader Suresh Ale Magar. Committing to “disrobe” fake Maoists extorting civilians, he, said the Maoist party, at this point of time, could not stop accepting donations.

Similarly, Maoist leader Matrika Prasad Yadav said, “Our party runs through public donations and support and we do not take any international funding like the government.”

The pro-royalists, according to him, are attempting to tarnish the image of the Maoists. “We have our weaknesses and problems too, and we expect everyone to help us rectify them. We haven’t been able to make our cadres understand certain issues which is our weakness,” he said at a programme oraganised by the Human Rights Organisation of Nepal.

“We will give press freedom to the media but not to work against the people,” he said. “Should journalists be allowed to glorify the palace for instance?” he questioned.

Human rights activist Padma Ratna Tuladhar urged the Maoists to go for a peaceful revolution and win the people’s hearts. Expressing sce-pticism about the government’s intention, he said the authorities are not serious about making people’s hope a reality. “Sovereignty should lie on the Nepali people and issues of minorities and ethnic communities should be addressed.”