Maoist militia to be mobilised for political ends: PLA commander

Kathmandu, November 29:

Deputy commander of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Ananta said today that members of the Maoist militia would be converted into political cadres and raise awareness on the policies of the CPN (Maoist) at an interaction at the Reporters’ Club today. “Taking into account the two powerful neighbouring countries, all Nepalis should be deployed for national security,” he said without elaborating.

The Maoists cannot remain aloof from the outside world, but they will not want to be dictated by any forces,” he said.

He said acts of extortion, abduction and other activities will end soon.

He put all blames on the government in the delay in settling crucial issues, saying that the People’s Army had confined its soldiers in cantonments within the deadline.

Ananta said the Maoists cannot tolerate any delay in settling crucial issues, including the delay in holding constituent assembly elections. “But this does not mean we will go back to the jungle,” he said, warning that a massive movement will be launched in Kathmandu if the process of settling crucial issues got delayed. Member of the government talk team and Minister for Labour and Transport Management, Ramesh Lekhak, however, said: “More time could be needed for settling all issues, including holding elections to the constituent assembly,” Lekhak said.

“It is the major responsibility of both the sides to give a full shape to the interim constitution,” Lekhak said. A discussion on finalising the constitution has begun, he said, adding: “It may take some time to finalise the statute.”

“It is better to be late then never,” the minister said, adding that ‘certain procedures’ needed to be accomplished.