Maoist sanction hits Pokhara hard

Himalayan News Service

Pokhara, March 16:

The Pokhara locals have been hit hard by the embargo imposed by the Maoists. Hospitals here are short of oxygen cylinders because of this. Cooking gas or LPG is also out of stock. Kalidas Baral, a gas depot owner said the difficulty in the transportation of consumer goods is making life difficult for Pokharalis.

The city has been reeling under the shortage of daily consumer goods. There is a scarcity of vegetables in the market as nothing has been coming from the Terai region. Food supply to Manang and Mustang has also been disrupted.

Shortage of petroleum products has also affected the city and areas around it. Acting officer Prakash Kumar Srivastab, said there is kerosene and diesel stock that is enough for just a month in Gagangaunda depot.

Meanwhile, the number of vehicles plying on the roads had increased comparatively after the government announced that it would compensate any damage to the vehicles. Tourists were forced to return to Kathmandu as buses to Lumbini were not operational. As a result people are thronging the airport for air tickets.