Maoist victims cry for fresh PLA count

KATHMANDU: Association of Maoist Atrocities in Nepal (ASMAN) today handed over a memorandum to UNMIN chief, demanding re-verification of PLA combatants, following the revelation of true numbers of combatants through Maoist supremo Prachanda’s controversial video tape.

The delegation of ASMAN handed over the memorandum to Catherine Jones, head of political affairs, UNMIN, this afternoon.

According to Gopal Bahadur Shah, spokesperson of ASMAN, Jones assured them that the UNMIN would be ready for fresh verification if there is a political consensus. “The verification was carried out as per the criteria developed through political consensus,” Shah quoted Jones as saying.

“Maoist cadres have again started to threaten and chase people from the villages,” Shah said, accusing the Maoists of going against the past agreements. He also lashed out at the former rebels for their failure to lead the peace process to a logical conclusion despite leading the government.