Maoists beat up civilians

Bhaluwang, June 10:

Maoists cadres recently abducted two civilians in Rolpa district and beat them up severely.

Rolpa assistant chief district officer (CDO) Topendra KC said: “Moti Lal Dangi and Khadga Bahadur Dangi, whom the Maoists had abducted on May 31, were freed on Friday. But, their legs have been broken due to the beating by Maoists.”

They were sent to the capital for treatment on Friday. “We will not stop protesting the Maoist atrocities,” the victims said.

“The Maoists abducted me and beat me up when I asked them to give the details of the account of the locals who have gone to foreign countries,” Khadga Bahadur said, adding: “Have we no right to raise the issue of Maoist atrocities?” Maoist cadres Ratna Bahadur Dangi, Diu Prasad Oli, Kaman KC, among others of Bhawang are involved in corruption, said Moti Lal.