Maoists begin street protests

KATHMANDU: Politburo member of Unified CPN-Maoist Hisila Yami today claimed that Nepal could be the place from where the ‘Third World War’ could begin.

“The US has already entered into India and China and therefore Nepal could be the place from where the world war could begin as the second world war had begun from a small country,” Yami said while addressing the mass meet organised following a demonstration at Ratna Park of the Capital this evening.

She said unlike its previous image of land of peace, Nepal could become dynamite now. Former minister Yami claimed that the parties fearing of Maoists chose to “grab the tails of army chief Katawal” fearing that the Nepali Army could also go in favour of the Maoists. Yami also criticised the unnecessary number of ministers and division of ministries which could have long term negative impacts.

Central committee member and secretary of Newa State Committee of the UCPN-Maoist, Narayan Dahal, said the demonstration could be the beginning of the third people’s movement. Dahal warned that the people trained to use arms for 10 long years would fire back if the government tried to suppress the movement using American or Indian guns.

Hundreds of people marched from Ratna Park with black flags and shouting anti-government slogans, and demanding civilian supremacy. The rally went through Bagbazaar, Putalisadak, Exhibition Road and Sahid Gate, before converging into the mass meet at Ratna Park.