Maoists challenged to topple govt

LEKHNATH: Minister for General Administration and CPN-UML politburo member Rabindra Shrestha Saturday challen-ged the Unified CPN-Maoist to topple the government by

garnering majority in the parliament.

Addressing a programme organised by the Lekhnath city committee of UML affiliated Democratic National Youth Federation here today, Shrestha said, “UML is ready to quit the government if the UCPN-M can garner majority in the parliament.”

Claiming that the government was formed by garnering majority in the parliament, Shrestha said, “Those who accuse the government of being an unconstitutional one can search legal remedy by filing a writ petition at the Supreme Court.”

He also said the Unified CPN-Maoist should join the government to make it a national government when it had failed to garner majority in the parliament.

“The Maoist-led government had toppled itself as it tried to politicise the army by instigating the sensitive issue of the CoAS,” Shrestha claimed.

He added that the government would leave no stone

unturned to implement its programmes and policies of the current fiscal.