Maoists conspiring against Madhes, says Upendra Yadav

NEPALGUNJ: Chairman of Madhesi People's Rights Forum Upendra Yadav today said that the UCPN-Maoist was conspiring to divide the Madhes by declaring autonomous state on the basis of ethnic communities.

Speaking at a press meet in Nepalgunj of Banke, he also asserted that the Maoist-announced 'Madhes autonomous state' held no meaning as many people belonging to various ethnic groups had long been residing in the Tarai since long. '' There will be no existence of federalism in the country if the autonomous states are declared in such a way on the basis of ethnic groups.''

He also chastised the Maoists for attempting to stop the process of federalising of the nation by declaring the autonomous states unilaterally. He said his party was forced to protest the Maoists' move due to such declaration. He also warned of launching the third phase of movement if the Maoists failed to immediately stop hatching conspiracy against the Madhes and Madhesi people.

He also came down heavily on the government for neglecting the implementation of the 22-point agreement reached with his party and another 8-point deal struck with the Joint Madhesi Front in the past.

“The three major parties are not able to forge consensus due to the lack of confidence,'' he said, adding that the statue drafting process was delayed due to the Maoists' unilateral declaration of the federal states.