ITAHARI: UCPN- Maoist activists today seized 147 bighas and 13 katthas of land belonging to Surendra Agrahari of Chitaha VDC. Around 300 Maoists under the leadership of sub-in-charge of area no 3 OK Dahal, erected flags and banners after the seizure. They also chanted slogans and organised a corner meet.
Speaking at a corner meet sub-in-charge of the area and member of Kochila Rajya Samiti OK Dahal said, “We have seized the land of feudalist and will
distribute it amongst the landless people.” He claimed they were compelled to seize the land, as the Land Reform Commission formed by the government had been ineffective. He warned of stern action if the owner sold the land.
The UCPN-Maoists has also formed a Defence Committee comprising 51 members to distribute land among the landless. Secretary of area no-3 Khagendra Chaudhari said, “We are seizing the land of feudalists as per the direction of the central committee to garner local support for our party.”
He informed that they would continue to seize land belonging to the rich and distribute it amongst the landless. Claiming that Agrahari had dual citizenship of Nepal and India Chaudhari added, “Agraghari is a permanent resident of Bihar.” Locals informed that he was the permanent resident of Biratnagar Morang. The Maoists had brutally thrashed Agrahari, who earlier owned 700 bighas of land.