Maoists destroy paddy plantation

GORKHA: The cadres of UCPN-Maoist destroyed recently planted paddy in seven ropanis of land belonging to Jung Bahadur Kumal and his relatives at Mirkot VDC, Ward No 5 of the district today.

The paddy planted in Kumal’s farm and his relatives: Kaushila Kumal, Biddi Maya Kumal and Man Bahadur Kumal, was destroyed by the Maoists.

The victims said the Maoist cadres, who were numbering around 250 including Top Bahadur Kumal and Min Bahadur Baniya, cut, plucked and threw the paddy saplings all over the farms. The cadres had come under the leadership of Krishna Dhaurasi, who is a member of the Maoist’s farmer’s body.

Last year also, the Maoists had cut the ripen paddy crops and took away 110 muris of rice, said the Kumals. The victims had complained this with the District Administration Office. However, the DAO told them to go to the court.

The victims expressed their worries as the Maoists were frequently targeting them for no reason although have been tilling the land for 30 years.