Deputy general secretary of the Nepali Congress Govinda Raj Joshi said that the real character of the Maoist has revealed by the indiscriminate destruction of development infrastructures throughout the country.

Addressing the peace rally and mass meeting organised by Nepal Tarun Dal, he also said that all people of the world were against terrorism. He stress that all political workers must give up their personal interests and should actively contribute to strengthen the democracy.

On the occasion former minister of state Amar Raj Kaini accused the Maoists to be the terrorists in the name of Maoism that they are demolishing those constructions which was made with the assistance of neighbour countries. Bhisma Angdambe, central member of Nepal Tarun Dal also expressed his view that the violence cannot win since the 21st century is the century of ideas. Others, including Ek Bahadur Rana also urged for the peaceful means to solve the problem.