Maoists ready for peace talks: Koirala

Himalayan News Service

Rupandehi, January 22:

President of Nepali Congress Girija Prasad Koirala has said that the Maoists will be ready for peace talks if the King takes initiation for such.

Koirala said this while inaugurating the party’s Rupandehi district office at Shankarnagar VDC today. “The Nepali Congress will always be ready create conducive environment for peace talks should such be held with the initiation of the King, people (political parties) and the international community,” Koirala added.

He also revealed that he has already held series of talks with international community including the United States, the United Kingdom and the neighbouring countries India and China on peace talks with the Maoists. The international community agrees with the NC’s view that the present political crisis can be solved by reinstating the House of Representatives but when I forwarded this idea to the King he did not comment on it and remained silent,” he said. “Why the King chose to remain silent over my proposal is beyond my understanding,” he said adding, “His silence shows that he is not interested in solving the problem.”

The Maoists are ready to take part in the peace talks with open mind and on open agenda after activating the constitution through the reinstatement of the House of Representatives. Despite such positive indication by the Maoists, the King is not interested in peace talks, Koirala said. Constituent assembly will make the regressive force more powerful but the House of Representative itself can function as a constituent assembly and a round table conference with participation of all political forces will be like a parliament, Koirala added. Koirala laid emphasis on peace talks as the only means to solve the present political problems and said militarisation can never solve a political problem.

He further said, “The government has failed to deliver good governance. There is no good coordination among the ministers themselves.” The government’s bid to announce dates for fresh election is useless because this is not the proper time, he added.