Maoists responsible if govt collapses, says Sushil Koirala

Kathmandu, December 17:

Sushil Koirala, acting president of the Nepali Congress, today said the Maoists would be held responsible if the government came crashing down.

Inaugurating the sixth convention of the Kathmandu district chapter of the Nepal Teachers’ Association, Koirala said, “The rumour doing the rounds that the NC is trying to topple the Maoist-led government is false, as the Maoists never bothered to follow the agreements signed in the past.”

He said the Maoist had agreed to make decisions on the basis of consensus but had failed to implement the understanding.

“The mandate of Jana Andolan-II was the formulation of a new constitution and to conclude the peace process comprehensively,” he said, adding, “We are strictly following all the agreements while the Maoist never abided by the agreements reached with the political parties.”

“We were expecting change in their behaviour after handing them the responsibilities but unfortunately that has not happened. YCL’s terror tactics are still rampant through out the nation,” he claimed.

Recalling Prachanda’s statement of returning to the jungle for revolt, he said, “PM should desist from delivering such irresponsible statements.” He also reiterated the contribution of the teachers in establishing Loktantra in the country.

Prakash Man Singh, NC vice-chairman, said the NC was playing a role of a responsible and constructive opposition party. He said, “NC is working towards the process of peace building because it is equally important as the drafting of the constitution.”

He added that the teachers’ association in Kathmandu should be united to gain more strength.

Mohan Gyawali, president of NTA, claimed said the country was worse off than it was 50 years ago . He said, “We are giving importance only to politics and power overshadowing important issues like education and development.”

“Though there is no participation of teachers in the Constituent Assembly, we will guarantee free and compulsory education in the new constitution, as well as declaration of secondary level schools as apolitical zones.”

He also demanded the expansion of the education service commission and changes in the Company Act. Similarly, some senior members of the NTA were feted during the