Maoists want one-party rule, says Thapa

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 18:

Former prime minister Surya Bahadur Thapa today alleged that the CPN (Maoist) was fully committed to bringing about basic changes in the mechanism of the state by evolving a one-party system with a matching political system in place.

“The objective of the Maoists is to establish one-party authoritarian rule. No one should doubt that the Maoists also want to experiment with power of the state in their own way,” Thapa said while addressing journalists at a function held to shed light on the preparations being made for a “greater national political convention” in the capital. The Thapa-led breakaway faction of the RPP has not been able to fix dates for the convention. According to a source close to Thapa, they have decided to “reschedule” the dates of the scheduled “greater national political convention”, which coincided with the Maoists’ annual celebration on the second week of February, said a source close to Thapa.

“Organising the convention as scheduled could have an adverse affect on our party cadres,” the source said.

Polls a ploy: RPP


Jagat Gau-chan, a central leader of the RPP, a coalition partner, today flayed the move to announce polls as a nefarious ploy to remain stuck to power. “They know polls are impossible. But they are still going for it with the nefarious motive of enjoying the spoils of power as long as possible.” —HNS