Martadi streets littered with household wastes

Bajura, October 27

The streets in Martadi, the district headquarters, are littered with household waste due to lack of proper garbage management. Garbage can be seen piling up everywhere in the streets and footpaths of Martadi due to the failure of town administration in prompt lifting of waste and other disposable substances.

Garbage from the upper bazaar is disposed of at an area near the district hospital.

Local Bir Bahadur BK said bottles thrown on the street had made it difficult for them to walk. BK accused the traders and hoteliers of doing nothing to manage waste properly although they had been making huge profits.

It seems traders and hoteliers do not have any civic sense. As the evening sets in, hoteliers take it as an opportunity to dispose of waste on the streets.

Martadi’s Sita BK says that hundreds of people throw household waste on the streets of Gauri bazaar. “Pedestrians have to cover their noses as the stench from the garbage is unbearable,” said Sita BK.

The streets of the town have turned into garbage dumping points due to apathy of the local administration.

A source at the district hospital said that lack of proper garbage management in Martadi bazaar had posed a serious risk to public health. He said patients of typhoid, diarrhoea, and common cold have gone up in the area.