Marxism, Leninism and Dialectic Materialism a basis for party merger says Dahal

CHITWAN: CPN-Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has urged all not to harbour doubts on party unification between his party and the CPN -UML after the elections.

Addressing an election rally in Bharatpur today, the Maoist Chairman said that the two parties would go for unification immediately after the upcoming elections.

He also urged the folks to support his candidacy by being Prachanda themselves in Chitwan-3, adding that he was to visit other districts as well to address the election programmes.

On the occasion, he said that political parties should work for nation and people rather than the principles and added that people should not suffer merely following the principles.

He was of the view that the principles should be accommodated by keeping the nation and people in the centre.

Regarding the gap in principles for party merger, Dahal said that it moves ahead by making Marxism, Leninism and dialectic materialism the basis and sorting out the disputed issues through discussions.

He also added that objective of the time is socialism in the country.

Stating that socialism was possible through peaceful competition, the former Prime Minister stressed to focus on economic prosperity.

On the occasion, UML standing committee member Surendra Prasad Pandey said that the left alliance would garner two-thirds majority in the polls and would take the country towards prosperity.