Mass hysteria affects classes at Baitadi school for a month

BAITADI: Classes have been affected at the Aampur Secondary School at Bijul, Tallo Swarad area of Baitadi district due to symptoms of mass hysteria seen among the girl students for last one month.

"Classes have been affected for a month as the girls have been suffering from symptoms including frequent stomach ache, headache and fainting one after another," informed school Principal Tikadatta Bhatta.

Bhatta said this problem was seen among the girl students of the lower secondary and secondary level sbetween 8:30 to 9 am every day. He, however, added that the girls would generally recover after they were taken to the school office for rest.

According to him, this problem was seen earlier as well. But, this time, it was seen since the start of the new academic session, affecting the studies.

The school has also constructed a temple at the school premises on request of the parents who said that the cause of the problem might be a curse from a deity, but the problem has not stopped yet.