Medical equipment, safety materials being imported via Tatopani border point

KATHMANDU: Medical equipment and safety materials are being regularly imported via Tatopani border point since its operation resumed on April 8.

Tatopani Customs Office informed that the medical equipment and safety materials provided in grant by China's Tibet government and those bought by the private sector are being entered into the country through the border point.

Chief of customs office, Lal Bahadur Khatri, said Nepal has so far imported two PCR machines, 20,000 sets of testing kits, and 72,000 pieces of face masks. Similarly, 12,000 pieces of disposable masks, 26,723 litres of sanitizers, 3,009 sets of gloves, and 12,260 sets of PPEs were also brought into the country.

The Tibet government in China provided health-related materials worth Rs 83 million to Nepal in grant.

On March 25, meeting of the Council of Ministers had decided to resume the Tatopani border point to bring in the essential materials.