Minister Baskota launches FTTH service in Janakpur

Dhanusha, April 13

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota launched Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service in Janakpur today.

Minister Baskota inaugurated the reliable highspeed internet service by making a voice call through FTTH service to Deepak Subedi, secretary of State No 2.

Nepal Telecom had come up with the FTTH based next generation network technology.

In this service, Optical fiber is installed up to the customer’s premises instead of traditional copper network for high speed broadband internet service.

At the programme, Minister Baskota asserted that Nepal Telecom should support the government for economic and social transformation of the nation by realising the ‘Digital Nepal’ concept. Baskota spoke of the need for the Nepal Telecom to be more customer-oriented to keep up with the faith of the customers towards the state-owned telecommunication service provider in the country.

On the occasion, Nepal Telecom Managing Director Dilliram Adhikari affirmed that NT was committed to contributing to make the government’s policies a success for the development of the country.

Likewise, Nepal Telecom Birgunj Regional Directorate’s Director Amalendu Narayan Singh pledged timely completion of expansion of services rendered by NT including the FTTH.

NT has already distributed 240 lines of FTTH in Janakpur that has capacity of 2,000 lines of the FTTH.

Plans are afoot to install and expand more such lines in this city.

Currently, internet service of 8 Mbps to 55 Mbps speed is available in Janakpur.

NT has determined the price for 8 Mbps internet service for a year at Rs 8,500. A set of Wi-Fi router and 100 metres of fiber will be provided free of cost.

Voice service will be available free of cost for three months.

This service is currently available in Bhanu Chowk, Subhachowk, Railway Station and Wakil Tole area and Bidyanagar of Janakpur.