Minister condemns Maoists’ House act

KAVRE: Minister for General Administration Rabindra Shrestha today said the UCPN-Maoist leadership is to be blamed for any problem that arises in cantonements due to government's inability to supply cash and other essentials there.

Pointing at the Maoist disruption of the parliament that has barred the passing of the appropriation bill, Minister Shrestha said at a programme organised to exchange wishes ahead of Tihar in Dhulikhel, "If the PLA fighters come out of the cantonments due to the lack of ration, the move will hit back on the Maoists."

"The Maoist lawmakers are frequently disrupting the House even when they are enjoying their salary and allowances," Shrestha noted.

"The Maoist top brass does not need any preaching," he said. "They must be aware of the consequences in case the combatants leave the cantonments."

Stating that people were not afraid of the Maoist agitation, Shrestha said the party would face people's wrath if the constitution was not written on time. The minister felicitated 14 local communist leaders on the occasion.