Minister urges Maoists to mend their ways

Nawalparasi, November 17:

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and a member of the government talks team, Pradeep Gyawali, today said neither an interim constitution would be drafted nor the interim government formed until the Maoists stop recruiting a new army and give up violence. Speaking to journalists after the inauguration of the newly constructed building of Nawajagaran Multiple Campus at Chormara of Nawalparasi, Gyawali said recruiting youths in the Maoist People’s Liberation Party (PLA) by luring them with offers of attractive salary and jobs in the Nepali Army (NA) was against the code of conduct.

“I urge Nepalese youths not to fall for the Maoists’ carrot and stick assurances. All of the Maoist army won’t be merged with NA,” Gyaswali said, adding the signing of the peace treaty between Maoists and government was being delayed due to the Maoists’ stubbornness.

Meanwhile, a report from Urlabari quoted UML leader Bharat Mohan Adhikaris as saying today that the Maoists have to stop abduction and extortion drives if they would like to come to peaceful competition. “The Maoists should not adopt two paths,” said Adhikari.