Minister’s pledge to curb Tarai crime

ITAHRAI: Minister of State for Home Affairs, Rijwan Ansari, today said that the government was committed to tame the criminals active in the Tarai districts.

The state minister made such remarks at a time when the government has intensified security operation against the armed Tarai outfits which has already claimed lives of a number of their leaders and cadres.

Inaugurating Bhutaha General Hospital and Maternity Clinic at Ramnagar in Sunsari, Ansari said, “The government will hold talks only with the political groups active in the Tarai but it will intensify action against the criminal groups.” He, however, did not divulge as to how the government would distinguish whether a particular outfit was political organisation or criminal gang.

The government was planning to introduce a national security project to hold talks with the political groups soon, minister Ansari added. Islamic Development Bank had invested Rs 1 crore for the construction of the 50-bed hospital building.