Dhankuta, January 29:

The students’ organisations affiliated to the agitating political parties have protested against two ministers and Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala by waving black flags at them, this afternoon.

They had arrived here for publicity campaign of the upcoming municipal polls scheduled for February 8.

Minister for Science, Technology and Environment, Prakash Koirala, Minister of State for Women, children and Social Welfare, Dr Durga Pokhrel and Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala arrived here to participate in an interaction programme organised by the Independent Civic Society Dhankuta, today.

In the programme, Sundar Kumar Shrestha, a candidate to the post of mayor of Dhankuta Municipality, spoke.

On the occasion, he said he gave his candidacy against the mandales — the pro-Panchyat activists — and the groups they have supported.

The programme had lasted nearly for 10 minutes and soon after the programme was convened, the students affiliated to the agitating parties began to chant slogans against the ministers and actress Koirala, who were later escorted to the election officer’s office at the Dhankuta Municipality.

Although actress Koirala had expressed her desire to talk directly with the people, the security personnel have advised her that is not desirable at the moment.

Koirala, however, did not have time for campaigning for the polls. Student activists have already called to boycott Manisha’s films.