Ministries in Province 3 unable to function due to lack of civil servants

HETAUDA: The day to day activities in the ministries of Province 3 have been obstructed due to the lack of civil servants.

Chief Minister Dor Mani Poudel has already formed a small provincial cabinet appointing Salikram Jamarkattel as Minister of Internal Affairs and Law, and Keshav Sthapit as Minister of Physical Infrastructure Development while five other ministries also have been established.

But the day to day functioning of the ministries have been halted as the employees deployed by the Government are yet to report to the office.

Government had decided to dispatch a total of 219 employees in seven ministries along with the Province Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, and Provincial Assembly Secretariat.

However, only a low number of employees have reported to the ministries including eight in the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, four in Ministry of Home Affairs, five in Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and six in Ministry of Forestry and Environment, according to Ramesh Siwakoti, Secretary at the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

“The employees must report at the offices as soon as possible because it will take time for them to learn and settle down in their positions since the ministries are new,” said Siwakoti.