Youth ministry flouts election code

Bajura, April 14

Though it’s unlawful to allow any development project to be devised or implemented once the election code of conduct comes into force, budget worth hundreds of millions of rupees has been allocated for various projects in Bajura.

As per sources at the District Coordination Committee of Bajura, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has recently sanctioned 16 development plans worth Rs 24.7 million for the district. The plans envision constructing sports ground for 16 schools in the district.

“The ministry, however, has not given the permission to spend the budget,” said engineer at the DCC Jung Thapa, adding that the projects were being implemented on credit.

Then Youth and Sports Minister Daljit Sirpaili had sanctioned the projects at the behest of CPN-MC. CPN-MC central member Devichandra Budha admitted that the projects were initiated at the behest of the party. “The plans were supposed to come early, but were delayed for some reason,” he said.

District Election Officer Shubhadra Gautam said allocating fund for development projects after the implementation of election code is unlawful. “Such an act is against the rule the party in the government might influence voters to win their support,” she said.