Mishap victims’ kin take stir route

Biratnagar, November 28:

Relatives of Dhanasher Labung (62) and Yam Bahadur Limbu (31) of Dharan are planning to launch an agitation after the local administration ignored their demands for compensation even after 20 days of their death in an accident.

Labung and Limbu died when their motorbike was hit by a truck with Indian registration in Pathari section of the East-West Highway on November 2.

Following the accident, meetings have been held in Area Police Office, Urlabari. But the meetings have failed to reach to any concrete decision so far.

“The issue is lingering because the Police Inspector doesn’t want to talk about compensation for the kins of victims,” Jasarath Thalang, coordinator of the struggle committee, said.

The accident site is only 200 metres away from Pathari Police Post.

Following the accident, the locals had caught the driver and handed him over to the police.

“Inspector Shumsher Rai at the Area Police Office, Urlabari, asked us to return from the accident site saying that he would call us after the investigation was over,” coordinator Thalang said, adding, “When we went to the police office after five days, Inspector Rai told us that the owner of the truck had died in a road accident.”

When they went to the police office for the fourth time, Inspector Rai told them that their demands were high, Thalang added.

“We went to meet Morang CDO Siddhisekhar Shrestha two times. But he also declined to listen to our demands saying that he was busy,” he added.

However, Shrestha told this daily that the case could be settled only through a legal process, as the truck was of Indian registration.

Thalang said they would launch an agitation against the local administration, pressurising it to provide justice to the victims at the earliest.