Mission Hospital vandalised

Jajarkot, August 6

Relatives of a patient, who died in the course of treatment, have vandalised Chaurjahari-based Mission Hospital accusing the doctors’ of severe negligence in treating the patient in West Rukum today.

Yasoda Malla Rokaya, 29, of Bheri Municipality, Jajarkot, died in the course of treatment last night.

She was admitted in the hospital after a minor problem was detected in her kidney four days ago.

Kins of the deceased have accused the doctors of administering a wrong vaccine which caused Yasoda’s death.

They vandalised the hospital demanding stern action against doctors involved in Yasoda’s treatment. Irate relatives of Yasoda destroyed video X-ray machine, ECG machine and vandalised the laboratory, among other things, in the hospital.

Technician Santosh Bista sustained injury in the incident. Meanwhile, police opened fire in the air to control the situation. Police said the situation was under control and a meeting was called to resolve the problem.

Dr Kale Budha at the hospital said Yasoda died after her heartbeat suddenly increased in the course of treatment last night. He claimed the doctors involved in Yasoda’s treatment had not used the wrong vaccine while treating her.

“We are ready to face action if found guilty after an investigation into the incident,” he added.