ML 4.4 tremor recorded in Sindhupalchok


KATHMANDU: National Seismological Centre recorded a tremor of local magnitude 4.4 in Sindhupalchok district of central Nepal in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

It has been listed as an aftershock of the last year’s ML 7.6 earthquake that struck Barpak of Gorkha district.

The tremor was recorded at around 4:30 am. Its epicentre was close to Ichok of the district, with its coordinates given as 27.93°N, 85.50°E.

According to the NSC, it has recorded more than 30,000 aftershocks of the Gorkha earthquake in a year, but data of only 453 significant aftershocks were processed to alert the public. The frequency of aftershocks, however, has diminished in recent months.

The NSC had recorded a light aftershock of ML 4.3 in Sindhupalchok yesterday morning also.